The gastronomy concept of the future!

"The Pomegranate" will not only be a vegan fast food restaurant, but the beginning of a new form of gastronomy.

The concept has some unique selling points and will set new standards in matters of sustainability:
All food and drinks as well as all required raw material will be produced in the immediate vicinity by members of the cooperative. For this purpose, urban wastelands and rooftops will be transformed into green oases, that will produce exclusively in organic quality.

Every interested person will be allowed to visit the gardens. The origin and quality of the raw material used will be completely transparent.

The necessary furniture will be made in Greece according to cradle-to-cradle principles, as well as all packaging arising.

Waste will be composted and used for gardening. The electricity used will be generated from renewable sources.

In the medium term, it will also be possible to pay by the alternative currency of the cooperative, which will be implemented in the context of the pomegranate's vision. The vision is not about material profit, but rather to exemplify a new paradigm and to make the world a better place. For this reason, no franchise fee will apply if any interested people throughout the world would like to open a "The Pomegranate". We are pleased to share our ideas and experience with people around the world.