The crowdfunding goal of 50,000, - € is intended to establish the European cooperative and to achieve at the same time the realization of the restaurant "The Pomegranate". Once the required amount is reached, a suitable property in a central location of Athens will be searched and the garden cooperatives founded that will supply the restaurant!

Greece as a "blueprint" for a new world!

"The Pomegranate" is only one element of a comprehensive vision that I describe in my book "In the age of the Pomegranate". The Vision aims at a complete transformation of our way of life. Greece shall be a model state, which goes ahead as a pioneer and provides "open source" the knowledge obtained thereby to all interested people in the world. Greece will reinvent itself and set a shining example. The large number of initiatives which have been active since the beginning of the crisis in Greece show that this path is already taken.

Go Greece

Greece will become a testing ground for creative idealists and do-gooders from all around the world. Children and grandchildren of Greek emigrants will go to Greece to join a movement that will significantly change the country and the world to the positive. The cooperative will assist returnees and provide new perspectives and fields of activity. The further emigration of young people will stop because there will be new opportunities in their own country, that we will create ourselves.

Go Green

We make Greece a green and sustainable (E)utopia. The cooperative will help farmers to convert their production to a sustainable and organic agriculture and provide the necessary knowledge. Greece will be reforested. There, cost-effective procedures such as Seed Balls will be used. Also urban wastelands and roofs will be greened and will transform the overheated and stuffy cities into green oases. People from all around the world are invited to join.

Go Vegan

We will create a foundation for the switching to a new form of diet, that will solve most of the problems of our world. The cooperative will convey the vegan lifestyle to interested people and take people's fear out of that change. Interested physicians will have the opportunity to get to know the benefits of this form of nutrition and to refer them to their patients. No change of human behavior has such a positive impact on health, environment and animal welfare.

Go Free

We will build units that will exemplify a paradigm shift in economic and social cooperation. Everywhere, self-catering units and small businesses will arise, that will initiate a step-by-step exit out of the existing paradigm. Renewable power generation will be carried out nationwide. The cooperative will provide necessary knowledge of energy self-sufficiency. We will free ourselves from irrational fears and step on the next level of our civilization.

Go Creative

We help companies to modify their services into sustainable and environmentally friendly processes. The cooperative will impart the required knowledge to companies in order to switch the production to sustainable methods such as "Cradle to Cradle". Progressively, all products will be converted. The conversion will initiate a new, sustainable industrial revolution. In the medium term, the cooperative will introduce an interest-free electronic complementary currency which will make crises obsolete in the future.